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Radial Piston Motors factory
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Steel ball plunger hydraulic motor
Product description
It can be combined with various oil pumps, valves and hydraulic accessories to form a hydraulic transmission device, which can adapt to the working conditions of various machines. It is widely used in the fields of construction engineering, lifting transportation, heavy metallurgy, oil, coal mine, ships, machine tools, light industry injection molding, geological exploration and so on.
1. The structure is simple, the operation is reliable, the volume is small, and the weight is light.
2, the inertia of the motion is small, the steel ball is strong and reliable, and it can work continuously under the impact load.
3. The machine with high mechanical efficiency and volume can run steadily at low speed, and the starting torque is large.
4. The back pressure of the hydraulic motor is low, the higher the speed is, the more pressure is.
5, the structure is simple, easy to repair, no special requirements for cleaning, according to the requirements of the matching oil pump to select the oil filtration precision.Radial Piston Motors factory
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